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We are Sun.Sea.Salt
​We was born out of longing for the sound of the sea and warm rays of southern sun. We wish summer vacation could last forever. We would spend it on the sandy beach in Fuertaventura, drinking coconut water, waxing our surfboard and waiting for the highest waves. We hope that our swimsuits would bring back those memories of carefree days, spent with friends and filled with adventures that make the best stories told by the the firelight. ​

Our swimsuits are hand crochet. Sun.Sea.Salt

is the ultimate combination of traditional craftmanship and sexy modern cuts. We make

sexy swimsuits that underline feminin figure and personal style. We believe that women who wear them could feel confident without loosing their sense of individuality. However we didn’t forget about functionality – our swimsuits contain an admixture of stretch. This allows to safely dive into warm sea water without worrying about wardrobe malfunction.​

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