The idea for Sun.Sea.Salt arose from longing for crystal blue water, sun and sandy beaches. We wish summer vacation could last forever. We would spend it on the magical Bali island, drinking coconut water and admiring stunning nature. We wish our swimsuits bring back those memories of carefree days, spent with friends and filled with adventures that turn into unforgettable stories told by the firelight at the beach

Our swimsuits and accesories are handmade in Poland and in small manufactures around the world. We use recyckled fabrics. Sun.Sea.Salt is the ultimate combination of traditional craftmanship and sexy and modern cuts. We meet our customer’s needs by creating swimwear for women who love to feel special in every situation and enjoy every moment of life. Our woman is a global citizen, a true individuality, who values her freedom and is not afraid to follow her dreams. She is the happiest when she laughs with her loved ones, her body has a golden glow and her hair are seductively messed up by the sea breeze.

We make swimsuits for every body type because everybody is beautiful. We believe that women who wear them should feel confident without losing their sense of individuality. However, we didn’t forget about functionality – our swimsuits contain an admixture of a stretch. This allows you to safely dive into warm sea water without worrying about a wardrobe malfunction.

Our philosophy is: have as much sunshine in your life as you can. Literally and figuratively


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